To become valued in the technology industry you need to show that you have the ability and the know-how to perform with some of the world’s most complex tools. Every industry requires technology input and it’s a field that is continually growing at a rapid rate.

Since technology can differ from industry to industry, a technician needs to be able to prove to an employer that they know what they say they know. One of the ways to prove your knowledge is by receiving a certificate or an award.

The technology industry has hundreds of certificates and awards to choose from. These cover administrative work, networking, security, management, PC hardware, and everything else in between.
Each award has its own achievement and sense of pride. You should have that special feeling that you received something that some may never have.

One of the leaders in certificates and awards for the technology industry is Microsoft. Offering awards for nearly every tool that they make, Microsoft puts people to the test to show the world that this group of people know what they are talking about. That they can undergo studying, knowledge retainment, and have the skills to perform.

A more challenging award offered by Microsoft is one that is well known, but very difficult to receive. Known as the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award, this award is held by approximately 1000 people worldwide at any given time.

It’s not something that is picked up by anybody and it requires constant updating to show that these 1000 people earned the award that makes them an MVP. An MVP award is set to symbolize the exceptional technical community leaders who share high quality, real-world expertise with other people.

In October of 2014, I received the Microsoft MVP award and the excitement and joy from that day is something that I will never forget. The award hangs, proudly framed in a custom frame, on my office wall, together with three other awards. I am still a current MVP, albeit now a Microsoft Insider MVP.

There are two types of Microsoft MVP awards. The first is the standard MVP award and the second is a newly created award held within the Microsoft Insider Group.

The principles and the meaning behind both a typical MVP and an Insider one remain the same. The difference between the two awards is that a Microsoft MVP represents Enterprise work, whereas an Insider MVP is focused on consumer grade Microsoft products.

MVPs are focused on every aspect of Microsoft. They specialize in a specific field, but they know a lot about that field. The important thing is that an MVP shares their knowledge with other people. They better the lives of others because they know a lot about this subject.

You can become an MVP in a lot of special ways, but they all have the meaning of contributing to the community.

The first is to help contribute code to Microsoft projects. If you understand the background of a Microsoft application and can help better it, get involved with Microsoft and provide code to them. You can upload tools, content, and other Microsoft guides on their TechNet website for other people to use. These projects can do certain things to Windows or fix common problems for a specific application within a Microsoft tool.

Next, get the Microsoft word out to people. In-Person Speaking allows an MVP to share their expertise and knowledge with other people. In front of a small or large crowd, an MVP can hold conferences and travel around the world to get the word out of how great Microsoft products really are. It doesn’t have to be in-person speaking either. There are even some MVPs that just post on Twitter and share Microsoft news.

You could do what I do and help people in forums. This can be done in Microsoft’s own Answers or TechNet forums or anywhere else on the web. Get involved and help people who have a problem in a field you specialize in. It is so satisfying when somebody comes to you thanking you for fixing their problem.

Maybe you like writing better. We are looking for writers at, so get started here and write content about Microsoft applications, news, or share expertise. Writing about Microsoft or writing a book can easily get you into the program.

Lastly, you could submit feedback to Microsoft. Test out their latest and greatest Windows builds and products. Then, inform Microsoft of changes or bugs in the software. Microsoft is always looking for feedback and testers of their new technologies, especially with Windows 10.

Get an in-depth look at how each of these categories works. Linked here are five fantastic Microsoft MVPs who excel in their field by just helping their community. They may seem like superstars, but you too could have your face on this page.

There are some benefits that come along with being an MVP as well. As an MVP you get a free subscription to a fully unlocked MSDN account where you can download any sort of Microsoft software for you to use. And I mean everything is unlocked and free for you. You also receive a full Office 365 account where you get OneDrive and Office.

If that sounded great, it gets better. Sign up for LinkedIn Premium, travel to the annual Microsoft MVP Summit to meet other MVPs and learn, receive an executive recognition letter of achievement, and learn about NDA Microsoft news before the general public does!

Do you think you have what it takes to join the prestigious Microsoft MVP program? Sign up and nominate yourself using the links below. Good luck!

Nomination for a Microsoft MVP

Nomination for a Microsoft Insider MVP

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